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Event Series naming

In the interest of standardising all the various names used for the series of events conducted in the ACT, here is our new consistent set of series names:

ACT Classic Series – the classic bush events offering challenging courses.
ACT Metro Series – the series in the metro areas in Canberra. Runs in the colder months on Saturdays.
ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series – the series during the warmer months on Wednesdays at twilight.
ACT Midweek Series – the midweek series on Wednesday lunchtimes during the colder months.
ACT Street Series – the street series all year round on Monday evenings.

The competitions remain the same:

ACT League – best of 8 races using handicapped kilometre rates at ACT Classic Series events
ACT Junior League – best of 12 races in Metro Series at ACT Metro Series events
Runners Shop Twilight Series – based on handicapped kilometre rates at Twilight Series events. Prizes are Runners Shop vouchers

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