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Map Mates

FOG - Focus on Girls

Occasional News Page.
Blue Sparks runs heaps of activities for kids including training camps.
Parents welcome.

Ideal "starter" pack.
4 week adventure series. Every May and October. Teams of 1-4. Perfect for beginners. Parents welcome.

After school coaching for girls aged 10 and above. 3 week course held 3 times a year. A great confidence booster. Social and fun. Parents welcome.


SC-ORE inter-school

Prim' School Champs

Map Reading Tips

Good for beginners.
School-based, school-safe. Exciting team relay. Before school for 4 weeks. Twice a year. Teams of 4. Electronic timing.

Usually in November. Anyone can enter. There is no preselection. Individual or pairs. Beginners can enter if they have done 2 events before.

Instruction videos.
How to read a map.
How to use a compass.

 ideal for beginners


Blue Sparks Information - Activities & Annual Calendar for kids 7-13

Blue Sparks Upcoming Events 

All events are listed on the events page .  All events have an easy course option.

Who are the Blue Sparks? 

The Blue Sparks are the group of parents and coaches who provide activities , like Map Mates and SC-ORE, for Primary School aged children AND their parents. We are part of Orienteering ACT and we teach parents as well as children.  While the children predominantly range in age from 7 to 13 children who are  older (and younger) can take part.  Blue Lightning is our older cousin.  We have cool shirts for sale if you want one.

Annual calendar of Blue Sparks Activities  

  • Feb    -   Summer Wednesday Evening Twilight series resumes. Easy courses available. 
  • March -  SC-ORE  mini inter-school competition. Before school.  
  • April    -  Summer Twilight series ends 
  • May    -   Winter Saturday Map Mates series begins.
  • June    -  Winter Saturday & Sunday events continue. Easy courses available. 
  • Sep    -   Winter Saturday series concludes.
  • Oct   -   Summer Wednesday Map Mates series begins 
  • Oct / Nov   -  SC-ORE mini inter-shool competition. Before school. 
  • Nov -    Annual Blue Sparks Weekend Bush Camp - held annually sine 2007 . 
    • Nov   -  Annual Primary School Champs

Blue Sparks  - Prospective new members

If you are a child or parent interested in orienteering then you can be part of Blue Sparks. We like you to become a financial member but it is not essential to start with. Most children start with a BLUE course. Most parents start with a GREEN course. 

Blue Sparks contact information:

Send an email to   and ask for Blue Sparks.  

Helpful Links for Children and their parents   

To buy a shirt please send an email to the office.

Sporting Schools - see Schools page

Tips for Map reading - see Tips page

How to buy equipment / How to Join / Map Symbol sheets / - see New to Orienteering Page