Street orienteering is a fun way to get fit and practise orienteering skills. It is open to both walkers and runners.

Beginners and first timers and not-so-fit people are especially encouraged. It can be done as an individual or in groups of 2 or more, and is a great navigation activity for scouts.

Family groups and teams of secondary school students are most welcome. Please bring a friend and participate.

Register at the event each Monday between 5.30pm and 6.00pm; beginners briefing at 6.10pm; everyone starts together at 6.15pm.

Available Courses

20 controls are marked on your map and sited as described in the control descriptions section of the map. When you visit a control, you need to punch the corresponding square on your control card as proof that you went there.

Course A

visit any 18 controls

Course B

visit any 15 controls

Course C

visit any 12 controls

Course D

visit any 8 controls


1 hour limit

* for the walkers’ course, you visit as many controls as you can within 1 hour. Running/jogging is not allowed and there is a penalty if you arrive late

Street-O Fees

$5 adults      $2 children      $10 family

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring a pram?

Do I need a torch?

How long does it take?

Do I need a compass?

Can I do the event on my bike?

Is there free watermelon afterwards?


For the winter events, yes. Summer events no.

Most people take about 45 mins. There is a time limit of 1 hour for all courses.

No. Most people don’t use a compass.

Yes. Doing Street-O on a bike is fine. You’ll be a separate category from those on foot though!

You can count on it!

Example Map

Here is an example Street-O map. The maps are almost always printed in Black & White. The start is marked as a Triangle, each Control is a circle with the corresponding control number.

Street-O Course Planning and Organising

Course setting and organisation for street orienteering events is relatively easy, especially if doing so for a suburb close to home. All regular participants are encouraged to volunteer periodically (unless you are already heavily involved in organising other orienteering events).

Street-O Course Planning and Organising

Street-O Maps (you’ll need to turn off other map layers)

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