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Thanks for volunteering to help! All our events are run by volunteers. If you need to change your rostered day ......

First please arrange a swap and then tell both the Event Organiser and the BSA Convenor. A description of duties is available on the Event Management page.  

2017 Main Program Roster

Monday, 12 June 2017






Sun 2 Apr

The Murdering Shed

(ACT League 3)

Daniel Del Dot 

Toni Brown

(Controller Ross Stewart)

Ari Piiroinen

Jesse Piiroinen

Chris Andersen

David Jenkins 

Valerie Barker

Sat 6 May

Weston Park

(Saturday 1)

Valerie Barker

Ari/ Jesse Piirionen

Coral Dow

Wilson (Greg & Sue) Family

Cuthbert (Zoe, Ella, Tara) Family, Piirionen (Ari, Jesse) Family

Sat 20 May

Campbell Park

(Saturday 3)

 Matthew and Chris Stocks

Noah Poland (David Lingfors)

Johnson Family

Young Family

Emma Adams 

Geoffrey Dabb

Sun 21 May

Yankee Jacks (Teams Event ACT League 4)


Ross Stewart

(Controller Hugh Moore)


Sun 28 May

Castle Hill

(ACT League 5)

Valerie Barker

Alan Sargeant 

(ctl setters Valerie B, Anita S, Ollie M, Mark P, David J

Anita Scherrer

Jonathan Miller

Bruce Barnett

Chris Andersen

Toni Brown

Sat 3 Jun

Black Mountain

(Saturday 5)

Andrew Johnson 

 Brendan Wilson

(Vetter Paul de Jongh)

Bronwyn Calver

Jodie Davis

Carol Harding

Julia Waddell-Wood

McKinney Family

Sat 17 Jun

Commonwealth Park

(Saturday 6)

Andrew and Jo Hobson 

 Caitlin Young

(Vetter Carol Harding)

Susanne Harryson

Daffern Family

Lhuede Family

Sat 5 Aug

Remembrance Park

(Saturday 11)

Anita Scherrer

Peter Antcliff 

Broughton/Dorey Fam

Cowan Fam

Hobson Family

Mitchell/Connick Family

Sat 26 Aug

Honeysuckle Creek

Ultra Long National O League

 Peter Miller

Patrick Miller (Controller Dennis Trewin)

Stocks Family

Carol Harding

Anita Scherrer

Toni Brown


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